Demand Letter

A letter from the Employer Company mentioning number of workers required, salary scale, duty hours, food accommodation & other facilities provided.

Power of Attorney

Authorizing our company to be a true and lawful attorney and agent in this country.

Guarantee Letter

The Employer Company should address the Labor Department of Nepal regarding the demand requesting them for further permission.

Employment Contract

Service Contract   between  the  employer  and  the employee mentioning  salary  and  benefits offered to the employee with detailed  terms  &  conditions.

Agency Agreement

Commercial contract between the employer and our agency, duly signed and stamped by both parties.

Sourcing Method

Due to our extensive client list, the nature & scale of projects, we have several candidates’ registration every day, this information is collated. 

Recruitment Procedure

We have mobilized well qualified & experienced consultants/experts for the inspection of the application at various stages making the process reliable.

Methods of authenticating applicant qualifications

We have a good relationship with all educational institutions within the regions we source personnel form, enabling us to verify applicant qualifications. This ensures that the candidates selected based on their qualification and experience can cope with the job requirement, if not exceed expectations. Testing for Skilled Workers For the above, we have implemented a stringent aptitude and attitude test that includes a technical questionnaire. Candidates are required to score a minimum of 70% on this test to qualify for the next round of assessment. This ensures that the candidates we select have a high level of proficiency in their respective fields, assuring clients of the quality standards we conform to.

Screening & Short-listing

All screening & assessment for the databank or final round of interviews is conducted by our highly experienced technical consultants and if required, candidates are sent for trade-testing. Short-listed applicants are graded on their professional and general knowledge, presentation and attitude.

Final Selection

Once candidates have been selected for the final round of interviews, their applications are presented to the client for final selection. If required, we can carry out the final selection process on behalf of the client, based on a detailed brief on the requirements from the client. Our selection process follows rigorous theoretical and practical trade tests, ensuring that candidates are qualified only on merit. Official trade test reports can also be provided if required.

Medical Examination Facilities

We undertake conducting the necessary medical examinations for candidates and doctors are registered with medical institutions that are approved by the consulate of the country that the candidate is recruited for. This minimizes paperwork for our clients, making the recruitment process more convenient.

Mobilization Period

A minimum of two weeks is required, to mobilize candidates after selection and receipt of visa for actual deployment. Your visit in our office for more information will be highly praised.